What to do in Paris?

Visit Paris during your stay

The hotel and its partner Paris City Vision answer the question of "what to do in Paris?" with a selection of tips and activities in Paris and the Paris region to spend a rich and enjoyable visit.

This is Paris!

The best tips on Paris are available at the reception of our hotel.

Paris is a city with a glorious past, from the kings of France to Napoleon. It is an artistic city, the from the Louvre to Orsay, via the Picasso Museum, we will be happy to guide you through this flurry of activity as there are always things to do in Paris, every hour of the day or night.

At the reception you can buy your tickets in advance to avoid losing valuable time in the many queues: river boats, trips to Bruges or Mont Saint Michel, and Disneyland.

When going to the airport or choosing your next destination, we can provide you with first-class advice, do not hesitate to plan the next stage on your journey with us.

Before you plan your activities in Paris, ask us our opinion about your program so that you can adjust it to its absolute best. We can guide you to the most appropriate ways to make the most of your visit to Paris – tailored to your personal needs.